‘We will Re-Ignite the Passion’


‘We will reignite the passion’(7)


‘We will reignite the passion

That we buried deep inside

May the watchers become warriors

Let the men of God arise’


Continuing with ‘The Courageous Series’…


‘We will reignite the passion’


You may be sat reading this and thinking – But my passion does not need to be reignited. And if you are great! You may be thinking ‘Yep I need to reignite my passion’. But if you happen to be reading this and are thinking actually ‘Yes I’m passionate, yes maybe I don’t need my passion reignited’ but you’re thinking ‘I am not as passionate as I once was’.


The question is – What is Passion?


1. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

2. Strong amorous feeling or desire; love

3. An instance or experience of strong love


I would say I have a lot of passion for things. But my biggest passion is for my God, my Lord and my Saviour – Jesus! But I am going to be honest with you. There are times that I am not as passionate about Jesus and my faith as I am when I ask or allow God to reignite my passion.


Sometimes we have low points and I think that our low points are when our passion is attacked. When we lose our passion, we struggle more. I think that’s the time we need to find out where our passion lies and get back to the place where it is reignited. If your passion is, was and you want it to be God then getting back into scripture and worship and spending special time with God might be the way you reignite it. Honestly there isn’t really a set way to do it in my experience. Everyone has their own way of being passionate. We are all unique and that makes this an individual situation.


A reignited passion is stronger than the original passion. When you reignite your passion, you learn how to get more passion. It’s a growth in your character.


I don’t know where you are but if you are feeling lacking in passion then I would challenge you to reignite it. Passion is the driving force of life. It’s the reason why we do the things we do. Don’t let your passion come to a standstill. Don’t let it die! Passion is the fire of our hearts!


Keep your passion and keep it ignited because it’s a key ingredient to what you do and why you do it.


‘That we buried deep inside’


Passion – amongst other things – is buried in our hearts and our minds. People don’t always see your passion for what it is. It can be seen for anger. It is often buried deeply. In times like these we need to dig up our buried passion and show the world what we are passionate about.


There is a danger in burying things deep inside. Suppression of passion, hurt, anger is an agent of destruction. It changes who we are and affects how we relate. If you have buried something deep inside as way of protection, I would encourage you to get it out because the truth is it doesn’t help you, it only hurts you. The truth about you is that Jesus loves you. Those things that you don’t like about yourself or others don’t like Jesus loves. Let the TRUTH set you FREE.


‘May the watchers become warriors’


Watchers are people or things that observe and as it says in the word – watch. I know there are ‘negative watchers’ but there are also positive ones. The bible says in Daniel 4:13 (ESV)

“I saw in the visions of my head as I lay in bed, and behold, a watcher, a holy one, came down from heaven.”


But I’m going to take a completely different spin on this. Here’s an analogy:


You’re at a football game. You are in the stands witnessing the game. You are watching what happens.


If you’re into football, perhaps you like to get involved in the game. I played football for a few months last year and I got rather beat up by the ball. By being involved in the game, I got some War Wounds. Watching the game didn’t mean I was involved but getting involved in the game made me a warrior. I was fighting for my team to win.

There are a Christians in this world that are on the sidelines of the game, of the battle. They are watching the game, the battle.

There are also Christians who are warriors fighting strongly for the battle.

There are also Christians in the middle not watching from the sidelines but not putting their all into the fight.

It’s a matter of where you are on the journey. Perhaps you want to get involved in the battle but life has pushed you away or scared you off.

This is where we can link being a warrior to passion. If you’re a watcher from the sidelines then maybe you’ve lost some of your passion, if you’re in the fight your passion is probably on fire.


Let the men of God arise’


So men and women of God! Arise and shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord is upon you! (Isaiah 60:1). This song is a call to arms.  It’s a request for the people of God to come to him and fight with him.

Arise and Shine

So Men and Women of God arise, stop being watchers on the sidelines, don’t bury things down deep and reignite your passion. This is the time for our battle. This is the time to fight for Jesus, our God, Our Lord, and our King!


~ by jemiluce on February 1, 2013.

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  1. […] As I chatted with a friend, they reminded me of something I often say. This is a battle so are you going to watch from the sidelines or fight? (For more on this see:https://jemiluce.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/we-will-re-ignite-the-passion/) […]

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